Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank You


Lest anyone think that the feedback I receive from you guys is not taken seriously, listen to this:

As some of you might recall, in my last draft budget I allocated $70 a month for gym expenses. A couple of regular readers (Miss Scorpio, Nebula, several Anons) suggested that I cancel my gym membership and focus on alternative exercise methods. Now, you have to understand that I’ve always considered a gym membership to be an absolutely necessary expense. I assumed that I could only get a proper workout at a gym stocked with a variety of free weights and exercise machines. Boy was I wrong. I’ve since fallen in love with these nifty resistance bands:


If used properly, these super cheap bands can give a person a truly awesome workout. And while I’ve already had one break on me, it only took about $12 to get it replaced. And, in the process, I have already cancelled my membership, something that will save me over $800 a year.

Note that I will probably have an updated budget to share sometime next month. It will reflect additional cuts following advice from many of you.

Bottom line, I wanted to thank all of you for your comments, thoughts, criticisms and assorted feedback. It continues to keep me on my toes and challenges me to seek additional simplification where it counts. Thanks everyone.

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