Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rich, Greedy Assholes Suck


What a sad, pathetic, moron. I guess that after buying a mansion worth several million dollars, buying several private planes, marrying a materialistic bimbo and being an all-around rich asshole, there was nothing left to do but fake your own death to avoid being charged with a massive fraud.

Financier’s plane crash ‘didn’t smell right,’ says friend

Timeline: Marcus Schrenker Plane Hoax Mystery

For all the horrors this economic implosion is causing, I can’t help but LOVE stories like this. There is nothing like watching the Marcus Shrenkers of the world realize that their love of money is toxic; that the “things” they worship are finite and soulless; that their pursuit of the material is antithetical to a life full of meaning, love, friendship, and family.

I know, I know. I, myself, am not too far removed from poor, misguided Marcus. But hey, maybe it takes a recently reformed asshole to point out the obvious.

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