Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cage Free Family in DC


As some of you might know, the Cage Free Family stayed in my place this past Thanksgiving weekend. If you recall, these are the guys who were profiled in the New York Times article earlier this year as they gave away most of their stuff and ventured out on the open road in an RV. Having Aimee, Jeff, Quinn, and Nichola over was a wonderful distraction from all the planning, packing, and assorted downsizing going on at the moment. Besides giving me an excuse to experience DC as a tourist again, their stay had a pretty big impact on me personally.


Having sworn off meaningful relationships not too long ago, it was absolutely refreshing to see the love and compassion Aimee and Jeff have for each other. These guys aren’t just married; they are partners in a wonderful adventure that has no end in sight. When one is overwhelmed with life stuff, the other steps in seamlessly. When one is enjoying life stuff it’s probably because the other was there to make it happen.

Maybe love is alive and well all over the place and I’m just not privy to it. Maybe all those meaningless sexual escapades of the past few years have truly jaded me. Or maybe all my crazy family stuff has left me damaged beyond repair. Regardless of the reasons, I hope that one day I can be as strong, as caring and as vulnerable with another human being.


Hanging out with the kids was the highlight of my weekend. Making paper airplanes, shooting down invisible monsters, and entering a blackberry case tossing contest (I lost, by the way) certainly puts the idea of having kids of your own into perspective. For a brief moment, it felt like the most natural thing to do.

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