Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day in the Life (part 5)

Jack picks up the phone and jumps right into the belly of the beast:

“Jack, listen, client Big Brother is, once again, intent on taking over the world. Could you please do X, Y and Z to see if we can help them out? Definitely appreciate it! Oh, and by the way, could you do it yesterday?"

This pattern is repeated over and over again throughout the day. Jack listens for instructions and does his job as best he can, all the while hoping that it is enough to keep the phone calls away. Inevitably, stacks of paper start to pile up on his desk and begin overflowing onto window ledges and floor space. At times, Jack feels like he is floating on a vast, endless ocean of paper, screaming at a torrential storm of pens, legal pads and overwhelming responsibility. He knows the sad, inevitable truth: the law firm is a ferocious, starving beast that can never be satisfied.

By the time the clock hits 8pm the splitting headache that started during that 2pm conference call has settled into a more manageable throb. He changes clothes, dons his bike helmet and waddles through a sea of paper, ready to fight the cabs again.

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