Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Movie Simplicity

I've always been amazed by the role movies have played in my life. Sure, I generally enjoy watching movies purely for their entertainment value. After all, who doesn’t love being transported to another time and another place where laughter, happiness, sadness and every other emotion under the sun is explored.

But there have been times when watching a movie has been a bona fide transformative experience for me. There have been times when, facing the deepest, darkest depressions of my life, a movie has brought a smile to my face. At other times, movies have completely changed my perception of the world. The bottom line is that if I really think about it, certain movies have actually been catalysts in my current quest for simplicity.

Thinking about this today I figured I would put together a short list of some of the movies that have pushed me into accepting the challenge of simplifying my life. Call them “inspirational simplicity films.”

A couple of things to note about the list below. First, this list is not meant to be comprehensive. I could probably come up with at least 20 movies under this category. Second, while I have found some kernel of knowledge in each and every one of these movies it’s not clear that everyone else will. People are different. Tastes differ. Having said that, feel free to tear me apart for watching a movie you feel truly sucks and/or is somehow unworthy of mention. Finally, including a movie in this list does not mean that I endorse a particular political point of view. A person can find genuine truth even in the most unexpected places:

Motorcycle Diaries

Born Into Brothels

Shawshank Redemption



The Straight Story

Wrestling Earnest Hemingway

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