Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Day in the Life (part 4)

Jack picks up work clothes from his office and heads straight for the showers in the basement. He is back in his office by 9:00 am.

After a quick look at the Times online and checking personal email, Jack plunges into another recent passion of his: perusing his favorite blogs.

He doesn't have much time before the calls and the hundreds of work emails begin their slow, deliberate suffocation. He starts clicking furiously and only gets to a few of his favorites:

Cage Free Family. Jack has a special place in his heart for these guys. He read about them in the Times a while back. Their decision to leave a life of excess and embrace simplicity was admirable and only reinforced the necessity of the Plan. Pressing questions for Jack this morning: "Where are those guys today?" "Did they leave Madison yet?" "Is it just me or is Aimee the hottest blogger ever?" "When will they get to Vermont?"

Miles to Go. Dana is probably the strongest person Jack has never met. She and her family have gone through a ton, and yet they have persevered. It's not that things have stopped being difficult. It's just that Dana, with the help of wonderful guy, is now focused on the wonder and beauty of living in the present. Pressing questions for Jack this morning: "Did Dana finish de-cluttering the basement?" "Could she cut Jack's hair into a Mohawk sometime soon?"

Hobo Stripper. Tara is, in one word, awesome. And yet, there are so many other ways to describe her: wonderful writer, painfully honest, sexuality personified, etc...Most important of all, she is free. Pressing questions for Jack this morning: "Did Tara pen any vibrator reviews lately?” "Are there other herbs and spices good for dealing with spider bites, besides poultice and tea of course?" "Should I be reading this at work?"

Suddenly the phone rings and the craziness of law firm life begins anew.

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