Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting All Forrest Gump on Myself

I’m getting wayyy too Forrest Gump on myself. And not just because I’ve been feeling intellectually- challenged for having gotten so wrapped up in the world of the material, for having spent so much time working a job I only occasionally find fulfilling, for having spent such incredible amounts of money on things that are only fleeting and could never truly touch my soul.

I’m also getting all Forrest Gump on myself in the life-is-like-a-box-of-chocolates;you-never-know-what-you-are-gonna-get kind of way. The bottom line is that I just don’t really know where this process will take me. I don’t even know what kind of person I will be if and when this thing is done. But it’s the not knowing that makes it worthwhile! The not knowing is undiscovered, untouched, totally devoid of any labels, qualifications, and, most importantly, any real prejudices. It just is.

I think I’m going to apply the Forrest Gump principle to this blog. The way I see it, I definitely need to figure out the basics, the practicalities of attaining simplicity through a structured plan. But I will never know what I’m going to get in between the nooks and crannies of structure. Maybe it will be the free-flowing, implicating words on a simple blog that will lead me to where I need to be.

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